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Puppy Hates Casual Fridays

Business formal is the required attire Monday through Thursday at the office where Mac the dog works, so why should Friday be any different?

“Mac really believes that the clothes make the man, er, dog,” said co-worker Wayne Tran. “He takes great care to make sure he looks his best every day of the week, and he finds it insulting that when Friday rolls around, people start dressing like slobs.”

Mac has started a petition in his office to convince management to do away with casual Fridays, but so far he only has one signature — his own.

Via phatfreemiguel.


Jimmy Started Something New

In 1977, Jimmy Carter started a tradition that has now become one of the most anticipated events on Inauguration Day. 

While in the motorcade of the Inaugural Parade, Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter exited their car to walk the route to the White House.

Only the Secret Service had been notified of Carter’s decision to break with tradition, and at first, parade viewers thought the car had broken down.

Nine-year-old Amy Carter joined her parents for part of the parade route, jumping and skipping along Pennsylvania Avenue in her excitement.

-from the Carter Library

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